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The West Orange Trail is a popular 22-mile, paved, multi-use rail trail,  running from Apopka, through Ocoee & Winter Garden to Clermont.

In Winter Garden, it runs alongside or right through several neighborhoods, through the center of Downtown Winter Garden and terminating at the Killarney Station on the Westside of the Oakland area of Winter Garden.  From that point, the trail becomes South Lake Trail, otherwise know as the Lake Apopka Trail and continues into Clermont Community.

The Winter Garden Stations

Along the trail, there are three main stations in Winter Garden:

  • Killarney Station - Off Old County Rd 50 in the Oakland area.

  • Winter Garden Station - 455 East Plant Street in Downtown Winter Garden area.

  • Chapin Station - 501 Crown Point Cross Road in the Downtown Winter Garden area.

Attractions Along the Trail in Winter Garden

Starting from the Killarney Station, there are several attractions along The West Orange Trail. The Killarney Station offers parking, restrooms, a playground, water fountains, and a bike shop with rentals. It also provides a link to the South Lake Trail and you will find the Oakland Nature Preserve nearby.

The Oakland area is the next stop and offers a small town with plenty of charm. It's filled with historic buildings and offers views of Lake Apopka from the side streets. Briley Farm is found on the trail, as well. It's a member of the World Watusi Foundation and isn't just any old farm. You might spot an ostrich, zebra, or some other type of exotic animal while enjoying this section of the trail.

After leaving Oakland, you'll come across an old landmark, which includes a section of old railroad track. Entering Tildenville, a butterfly garden is found here, along with a barn paying homage to Bobby Bowden (retired Florida State football coach).

Downtown Winter Garden is one of the most popular sections of The West Orange Trail. It's well-maintained and offers several attractions including a history museum, the new Winter Garden City Hall, the Clock Tower, and the park at the Winter Garden Station.

Several suburban neighborhoods are found on the trail as you head out of Winter Garden towards the Chapin Station. The trail also weaves around a golf course and the station offers plenty of amenities including the Path of Life gardens.

The West Orange Trail exits the Winter Garden community and then continues North through Ocoee and into Apopka where it terminates presently at Welch Road.